• Oliver Ridgway

Shell Cordovan Coming 2016

I am delighted to announce that we are currently working on the development and production of Cordovan Shells. We’ve compiled a couple of anticipated questions below, but if you’d like to find out more information or express interest in ordering samples – you know where we are.

Cordovan Shell

What is Cordovan? Fundamentally, it is equine leather. Like cowhide, these are not sourced from animals specifically bred for the extraction of this material, but from older horses that have passed for other reasons. The name is derived from the city in Spain, Córdoba, where the natural vegetable tanning process of these hides originates.

What is a Shell? This refers to the piece or section of hide that is extracted from the rump section of the animal. Usually no larger than around 2 sq. ft. in size, it is very small compared to standard sized, finished bovine hides. Each horse provides two shells which is, on average, enough to produce one pair of shoes from.

How is it different to cowhide? In terms of appearance, it is very similar to our English Bridle leather - featuring that enviable shine and gloss. The Cordovan Shell is the most nonporous leather known to man, therefore its suitability for outdoor applications is unparalleled, helped even more due by its highly durable and flexible nature. It’s no wonder that it most commonly used to produce the highest quality, formal footwear. Other common applications include watch straps and finger protection tabs in archery.

Cordovan Shoe

What is the availability & cost? As with every article we offer, this depends on volumes required. Please get in touch to obtain an accurate quote according to your requirements.

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