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No wax on wax off

Here at The English Leather Company we love grease. No really, we do! The right sort of course, not just any old grease, but the type that we put on all of our finished leather. Some call it ‘tallow’, ‘wax’ and even ‘fat’. There are plenty of other names used (some cleaner than others!) but fundamentally the name of it doesn’t matter – the application of it does.

One of the most important processes that takes place when producing our infamous English Bridle leather is the application of grease. We ensure the perfect amounts of secret ingredients are mixed, and then applied to the leather – only by hand of course.

English Bridle Leather Grease

Our customers love it for its impeccable quality and shine, which we can’t argue with. But it has another very important purpose – protection. The oils and fats within the blended mix soak in to the surface grain and protect it against the likes of fluid spills and even abrasive markings. This is why English Bridle leather has been so prominently used within the equestrian industry and outdoor environments for hundreds of years.

Vegetable Tanned Leather Grease

Did you know it is the infusion of the fats and oils, combined with the leather, which emits that distinctive, quality and admired scent? This isn’t commonly known by consumers and is often mistaken for the natural smell of leather, but there is a lot more to that beautiful smell than you might realise. Perhaps some people would prefer not to know it is thanks to fish oil and beef dripping that makes it smell so delicious!

English Bridle Leather

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