• Oliver Ridgway

The Last Bags you will ever need

Earlier this year we were contacted by a chap called John who wanted to come and visit us to view our Heritage collection. He was looking for a high quality, full grain article in around 3.0 – 4.0mm in order to make some handmade bags. Of course we obliged and he turned up the following week. After a cup of tea and a great chat about what he was working on, we presented him with a variety of colours that were available to him. After 30 minutes of deciding which colours he wanted, we filled his car with leather hides, had another cuppa and off he went.

A few months later John got in touch to show us some pictures of the finished products. We just had to share these with you as they possess that hard to achieve balance of excellent aesthetics with superior build quality. It’s clear to see that these bags aren’t going to break any time soon and are made to be passed on through the generations.

The Last Bags

Living in today's ‘throw away’ culture, it is a breath of fresh air to be presented with a product that stands up to our excessive, consumable ways and challenges the accepted norms. Perhaps the emotional connection and experience we once had with products has been lost due to their poor quality or, often, inbuilt obsolescence. Nowadays, how many items do you buy that you expect to last a lifetime? The longer you possess an item for the more you; appreciate it, care for it and simply love it. Maybe it’s time we change our ways. Maybe The Last Bags is a step towards that change.

The Last Bags

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