• Ed Nash

Going Back to the Future

From what we are currently seeing on the market, and receiving in way of enquiries from clients, the vintage look is a firm favourite right now. An article we have been developing over the past few months, to meet this new requirement, is our Antique Bridle. Produced in a similar way to our Traditional English Bridle, this olde looking piece features far more variation of grain and colour within the surface to produce a truly stunning spectacle.

Antique Bridle Leather

To acheive the unique appearance we infuse the hides with natural oils at the beginning of the process, and tallows at the end. Inbetween these processes, there are numerous hand dyeing and pressing stages. This produces an enviable shine that truly sets the leather apart from anything else around it.

Antique Bridle Leather

Our Antique Bridle can be produced in almost any colour to suit your requirements, but the classic Brown and Navy shades have produced the best results so far. We will keep you updated with any further progress...

Antique Bridle Leather
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